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REPLAY: You Wanna Bita This Now?

Starring Nicole Allen Movement dramaturgy, semiotics and cute bunny faces... the next instalment of this unique online theatre project Sept 24

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You Wanna Bita This Now?

Starring Nicole Allen. 

Nicole is one SA’s most experienced and sought after movement dramaturgs having developed her craft over 25 years. Her creative roots come from her training at New York’s Broadway Dance Studio and the Adelaide Centre for the Performing Arts in Laban/Malmgren’s movement psychology. She was the Artistic Director of New Met Dance in Schools for 10 years and is currently working with the social advocacy group of SA Youth Arts (including ‘Predator’ and ‘Aftershocks’) and Company @ (Autistic Theatre). She is currenly completing her Bachelor of Education at Flinders University

"I plan to take my audience on a journey as scribes. 

The audience will be given paper and pens. I plan to trust in my knowing and to be guided by my intuition to create a piece of theatre that is deeply entrenched in semiotics. 

Normally we embed semiotics into our work but I want to go into this with no concept of what messages I want to give to my audience. I will be a sort of conductor or channel for meaning. Think of it as a kind of giant tarot of theatre. 

I will perform for 20 mins followed by 10 minutes of audience feedback on the themes, ideas and concepts within the performance. In other words –you tell me what just happened and what it means to you. (There may be some audience participation.)" - Nicole
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